Saturday, 1 June 2013

Bambo colour along

Hello to all last Saturday I did my second spectrum noir colouring class and would like to share with you my colour along and instructions  made by my self and hope you all like and maybe can use them.

Bear: Chose 3 gray colours light, medium and dark

1. Using the dark, colour the highlighted areas needed

2. Using the medium colour now colour the image blending in with the dark and leaving some areas of white left.

3. Now with the lighter, colour in the white areas blending with the medium colour in a circular motion.
TIP: you can go over all the colours with the lighter as this does give a nice affect.

4. Flower: Use lightest colour all over the petals and the lighter yellow over the centre.
Butterfly: use darkest colour on the highlighted bits of the butterfly
Stem: use the darkest colour at the edges of the stem and where the steam goes through the paw.
Bear: use dark colour on the cheeks.

5. Flower: add medium colour around the centre anywhere from ¼ - ½ the way up  the petals, then dot on the darkest colour. Add medium colour to middle of flower dotting the colour on
Butterfly: colour all over with the lightest colour.
Stem: add second colour blending the 2 together.
Bear: use second cheek colour and go around the first colour, using a light gray colour highlights on belly and near flower and eyebrows.
Base: chose 2 gray’s and using the darkest colour a layer at the bottom for a floor shadow.

6. Flower: go all over the petals with the lighter colour again to finish, dot on darkest colour to middle of flower.
Butterfly: add yellow to butterfly body.
Bear: using the blender pen blend out the gray highlights
Base: using the second gray colour around base blending colours together.
TO FINISH go around the image in a light gray.

I hope you all like.


  1. Fab tutorial, thanks for sharing xx