Friday, 23 August 2013

help to find my mo jo

Hello to all I have not blogged in ages as been busy with work and life ect.
I feel i have lost the crafting mojo I am still on about doing colouring tutorial videos and blogs but not come to much, I fly to Florida in 6 weeks and I believe this has taken over everything I have 3 colouring classes before I go away and need to get on with them and a album for some one and I just can not find the get up and go in to the craft room I also stressing about trying to get more lessons booked for next year at different places but nothing and finding it hard to sell anything.
Just wondering if any one has any good advice for me and if any one knows of some company's wanting dt member please let me know.

sorry not blogged much but will start again soon.
lots of love 


  1. hi AJ, sorry to hear you're struggling. I struggle a lot too. It takes a crafting friend to come to my house and motivate me really... i don't know if that's helpful? You can search for DT calls on "Paper Playful", they have a whole page just for that (You can find the link on my blog). I hope this has helped a little bit.
    Also, where do you go for your colouring classes???

    1. hi thank you i actually teach the classes one in louth and one in grimsby which i love and going to do vidioes on youtube soon.
      i will look for dts i have wanted to work with a company to promote there products. i think i gave up all my dt positions to give me more time but know get stuck i should of stayed on one.
      thank you for your kind words x x