Friday, 2 May 2014

Altered a frame from a charity shop

Hello and today I would like to show you a frame I bought from a charity shop in Bakewell foe £1.00
and show you what i have done to it.

This is how it started 

I painted over it with gesso 

 then it was painted with a perlesent bronze paint

I then got a sponge and some white perlesant paint and sort of stipled it on

This is how it looked 

For the inside i measured the area the cut piece of card the same side 
and cut some nice gold patterned paper just a bit bigger

I cut the corners off to help to fold and stick the edges down
 like so

This is what it looks like  

I then added some lace and tuck it in to the frame 
I have also used gilding flakes all over it buy putting some flake glue on a sponge and dabbing on to certain areas.

I have decorated with flowers a tonic fairy die pearls and some jewelry found in a car boot,
the test tube is filled with fake pearls.

 and finally some close ups.

I hope you like and please comment and let me know.
AJ x x x

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