Friday, 2 November 2012

fancy fold instructions

Hello to all this is my post on how to make a box fold card, i wash shown this to me by my Friend and i loved it as not seen it before,
for every ones info i use the ultimate pro and its boxer board so lets get on with the instructions and a tip or two.
so cut card stock 8 1/4 x 11 inc and score all lines as shown,
 tip- if using the ultimate boxer board when scoring the 8 1/2 inc line just turn 180 degrees and score 2 1/2 

next step is to remove all for corners,

 then to tun the next sections in to flaps as shown in the diagram and picture.
tip- i take a notch out on both sides this helps with construction.

 then on the top and bottom rectangle you need to find the middle and score a triangle out from there,
 tip -turn card over and score on reverse side as this helps when folding.

 nearly there and now its time for the gluing and a sticking, when gluing the flaps these go on the out side not on the inside.
 and this is what it should look like.

This is my final card which has been posted before.

I hope this works well for you if not do not hesitate to contact me and i will help if i can.
comments and feedback always welcome and until i blog again.
AJ x x  


  1. Hi AJ! I found your blog through Mark's and happy that I did! Thanks for showing a little tutorial on how to make your fabulous card! Love the design and the beautiful papers you used! I am happy to be a new follower! Hope you have a lovely day, hun!

    Heather Lynn

  2. This is gorgeous creativity,i like it!!Thanks for sharing.
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  3. Your cards are wonderful..!!! its helping me a lot for making my own cards...Plastic cards