Friday, 23 January 2015

A look at my craft room

Hello and today i am showing you all around my craft space so there is a few pics to see,

so this is my desk and all my pens and coloring paraphernalia.

 This pic is of all my spectrum noir pens and my new spectrum aqua pens,

this is my colour wall charts and on the hook is samples of the aqua tints and packaging from spectrum aqua

and hear is my aqua tints and spectrum pencils,

This is another corner

a wall with selfs lol could use this better

my space i just love

And this  is the other half 's space and his is neater and less cluttered that mine
and to be fair if he did not use this side i would do lol 

I hope you all enjoy looking around my craft space i wish t was bigger and cleaner and if i won the lotto i would pay some one to design me a grate space but until then i can dream.
Until next time keep on crafting,

1 comment:

  1. Looks great AJ! A lot of space to craft the whole day! Big hugs, Sylvia