Thursday, 8 January 2015


My personal review of spectrum noir pen’s.

Hello and this is my personal review, I first started using these pens in 2012 and first of all I really hated my coloring I first started using promarkets and could not get on with them at all but I will talk further more in another review,
The SP pen system really called to me for a couple of reasons,
1.   COST- the cost of the system really appealed to me I cannot for the life of me remember what I paid for my first set but in the sets of six they work out at £1.31 for the sets of 24 a pen works out £1.05 now lets look at this there is 168 pens in the system buying all in one go would work out at £1.17a pen now compared to the copics that are priced from £2.50 upwards don’t think that is bad at all, also refills are £5.99 and can fill pen about 5-6 times. But for a bit more info I teach with my pens and it was a good 10 months before I had to fill my first pen.
2.   THE NUMBER SYSTEM- I found the numbers and letters on the pens so good for a beginner as e.g.- CR meaning coral red CT means citrus and the numbers so the lower the number the lighter the pen the higher the number the darker the pen which is ace as I can then pick up  a CR 9 6 3 and know I should have a nice blended color when I have finished.
3.   HELP- I call this help as if you ring crafters companion they are always helpful plus the facebook page and not for getting the spectrum noir blog is full of help and projects, and the dvds produced by crafters companion featuring Leann chives the lady how developed the pen system.
So know I would like to talk about using them, one thing is they are easy to refill I find colouring with them was smooth and when blended no lines can be seen, the ink seems to be a good quality and so do the nibs which by the way are all replaceable.

Final thoughts on the pens are grate value good quality ace for beginners and pros.


DISCLAIMER- this review is my own opionion, I have not been paid endoursed or asked to do this by any company I am not affiliated with any company.

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